Four Points to Consider When Choosing a Website Host

Your new branded website should be published between six and eight weeks after the publication of your initial one-page website. Much sooner than that and you will not have spent enough time developing the content. If you take much longer, then you're not giving this project the importance that it deserves.

Find the web host that's right for you

Make sure that your host offers everything that you need. You can choose a website host for one of four reasons...

1) Price

If you're on a very strict budget then there's no need to spend much on hosting until the visitors start coming in.

2) Reliability and reputation

If you're serious about your website then the last thing you need is for it to suddenly disappear from public view for hours on end. Another important aspect to consider is the 'speed' of your website. If ten people are browsing your website and the speed of it starts to slow down alarmingly, then your host could by piling too many websites onto the same server.

3) Technical specifications

Have a think about your coding and database requirements. If you're not comfortable with this, discuss your present and future requirements with somebody who knows their PHP from their .NET (coding languages). Make sure that your server can handle your requirements.

4) Bundled software and support

If you're doing everything yourself then it may be important for your host to minimise the technical knowledge that you require. By having software such as a script creator, newsletter tool or interactive forum already installed in your server, you needn't worry about compatibility issues. Also, a free 24 hour support line exists should you have any queries or problems. A selection of established website hosts worthwhile considering:

1 & 1 Internet Services
iPower Hosting
iX Web Hosting
Lonex Web Hosting
NTC Hosting
Yahoo! Web Hosting

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